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Mental Health Day, 10

Wow, I guess I was tired!

Wake up E at 6:20, fall back asleep. Sleep till he’s ready for work at 7:30. Wake up and tell him goodbye and eat some breakfast. Lay on the couch and watch news until eyes start getting sleepy. Nap/Rest till 9:30. Wake up, read some stories on the computer. Lay back on the bed at 10:30. Sleep till Lisa calls at 11:34 to ask a question, she apologizes and tells me to go back to sleep, which I did until 12:10. I’m finally up with a sandwich and a cherry coke to start my day.

I guess I was tired!

But I can’t imagine why!!! :giggle: I’ve been busy-girl from Sunday until today, with something happening every night, and I haven’t slept well any of the nights. So I must have needed the naps.

Last night, Megan and I went out to Olive Garden for a long talk about her school and my depression. She helped me brainstorm my feelings on my job and she definitely has the same feelings as all of my online friends: get out of the job. I’ll share some of the thoughts we brought up later probably. Then we went to Target and leisurely strolled through the store - finding overalls for me finally!! and some Christmas decorations smile I made it home in time to watch Buffy with E (oh, goodness! I want to see the end again!!!!!) and then right to sleep - I think I feel asleep the second my head hit the pillow!

My plans for today were to rest. That’s the big one, and I guess I did that. Besides that, I need to make green bean cassorole and cream corn cassorole for tomorrow (which I probably should wait until the morning to bake) I am gonna try and make a coconut cream pie. If it doesn’t turn out, it’s okay. Its for me, but I’ll share it if it does turn out smile I need to get caught up on my fx reruns of Buffy from last week. Because we were out for most of the day on Sunday, we didn’t get caught up. I’d like to play with a few new designs I’m working on, but nothings too close to being finished yet. I need to work more on my Christmas list. But these last things are things I’ll be doing the WHOLE FIVE DAYS that I’m off smile

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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