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shooting stars

After posting a reply to the beautiful Sara saying she was going to be getting up to see the meteor shower, I went downstairs, and realized that I might have a chance to see because it was right around 2! So I turned off all the lights, and laid on my futon in the window and actually saw 2 shooting stars!! The sky was beautiful and clear, and even w/o going outside, I could see so many stars. It was way cool smile

If you watched, did you make a wish on a shooting star?


I wanted to watch the showers, but I stayed up too late and missed getting up. I don’t think I would have been able to see too much though. It’s all cloudy here this morning. =(

of course i did smile

yes and yes. so wonderful.

can you believe this - i didn’t make a single wish. we were outside for about an hour and a half, but i didn’t wish on any of them. i know i saw 50 at least and i guess i was just too caught up in the beauty to think of a wish.

We didn’t get to see them. It was too cloudy and overcast. : ( Very sad...I even woke up at 4 on my own! Blah.

couldn’t see anything sad

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