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planes and inventory

I started a blog post so that I could look for plane tickets for our trip to CA. I hadn’t heard of several of the search sites that Jish had commented on searching through.

But then I started to get pissed off by selecting dates. I’m trying to work with two family schedules and I realize that E’s only got one or two days off, but I’m making it a shorter of a trip than I should because of the fucking inventory which COULD happen the 26th. That’s just such bull that I’m having to schedule my only vacation of the year around something that won’t make a teeny bit of difference. They are STILL gonna assholes, and they still won’t care about the numbers. They’ve already said that. Dad said in our meeting yesterday that "Chris and Leonard have always been in charge of inventory". No fucking way is that true. They whine and bitch and moan and I have to ride their asses to even get anything done. I do all of the prep work, printing the forms, finding the lists, and then making nice sets for each person. They count, yes, but they are such jerks about it and don’t do it very accurately at all. Then I do all the after work, search for the things they skipped because they are jerk-offs, and enter it all into the computer. So dad thinks they are in charge of inventory? Fine, let them fucking be in charge. I’ll just go away for that week.

So yes, I stopped searching for tickets. I just am too angry to look at these dates even. I know, I’m a stupidhead for even having that make me upset. But it did. blah.


ugh! i’m sorry they are jerks and i’m sorry you are so upset. is there any way that you could do your form printing and such before hand and then do the putting it in the puter later? then they can be there and do it and you can still do your thing. bah. there’s probably more to it than that and that makes me sad for you. grrr! *sigh* i’ll be praying for you girl. ((hugs))

{ { { { { Kristine } } } } }

I wish I knew what to say, I’m sorry things are so stressful for you with work and whatnot sad

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