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middle night thoughts

Its finally the weekend. Right? it really is? Yep smile It’s been a hard week. Work stress has been really pressing me, and I’m really looking forward to the relaxing time. E’s worked way too many hours this week, too, so we both need relaxing time.

I went to bed @8 last night. And then woke up for a little surf-fest @ 2:30ish. I’ve made it through most of my blogs now, and that’s such fun smile I took some screen shots of the designs that I made for my friends, so that I can put them on my portfolio page smile I’m listening to Nichole Nordeman (I’m still addicted to her voice) and thanks to Heather, I found Michelle Branch, who sang on this week’s Buffy. Softly, of course, as to not wake up E. But just loud enough that its calming to my soul as I surf smile

My sister came home last night smile I’m so happy to have her home. I am really looking forward to some alone time with her. We talked on the phone for just a little while last night (cuz we’ve talked every day this week, and finally its not long-distance. She’s really missed home this week, and called me a lot).

I just have a few teeny things to impelement on the big project I was working on this week, and it’ll be ready smile yay! Hopefully, that’ll mean official unveiling in the morning when I’m a bit more awake smile

I’m worried about work stuff. I know, its the weekend, and I need to put it out of my head, but its settled in the pit of my tummy, nagging at me. I only have to work 2 days next week, so that’ll be better, but we had no resolution to any angers yesterday afternoon, and dad’s leaving for Seattle at the beginning of the week, so its still gonna be bad. More talk between Annette and I, about how much the boys are affecting our sales and detrimental aspects towards our business. Its so sad.

Wow, my tummy just groweled! Maybe I’ll have some fruit snacks when I go downstairs to try and fall asleep again. I suppose that should be my cue. Help Me Believe is just finishing, and so I’ll turn off my winamp, post this, grab a snack and something to drink (water?) and lay down again.

Pie!! And sleep well, dear friends smile


i know what you mean about worrying over work things on the weekend. technically, saturday is my friday and so on, so i’m going to work in a little bit, but i think about work stuff a lot. you’re not alone!

much love to you!!

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