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How odd! I installed the new AOL 7.0 yesterday, and it was not being nice to me. Every time I opened OE, it signed me off. When I tried to shut down AOL, it locked up, and then crashed my system (which is Win2000, and shouldn’t be that easily crashed). Repeatable issues, for both of them. So I moved back down to AOL6.0, hoping it will be happier. (Nope, it crashed when I got into Outlook still. Blech)

I’m highly tired of AOL. It was great when I was a beginner, but I’m so not now. I have AT&T@home for my home ISP, but I can’t use that here at work. I basically just need a dialup that I can use to connect during the day. I don’t need free internet space or a whole bunch of email addresses. Just a dialup that’s reliable and gives me unlimited time - I used 6932 minutes last month (I sign on for at least the 8 hours a day that I’m here), and I’m probably gonna be higher this month.

Does anybody have suggestions for an ISP, either nationwide or in Washington state that fits this description? I’d sure appreciate some recommendations because searching for ISPs gives me SUCH a huge list, and I’m not sure where to start. I’ve been on AOL since 1995 (I was on Prodigy in 94), and so its been a long time since I’ve had to search!!! smile Thanks in Advance!! and hey.... PIE!!!! smile

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