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Help Me Believe

I woke up with just a teeny bit of a song stuck in my head, and so I played the song I thought it was - Help Me Believe by Nichole Nordeman. But I don’t think that was it. Of course, now the segment of song in my brain has disappeared! Oh well, I’m gonna download more of her music because I just love her voice smile

Just added: Download Help Me Believe. Its really a good song!


yes indeed. nichole nordeman is in my CD player @ work. i played it yesterday. and you know what? someone asked, "what are you listening to now?" and i said, "nichole nordeman. she’s a christian artist." and then someone snorted behind me and the people in my department sort of made fun of me. and i said, "i don’t care if you make fun of me. i have sound faith in the power of my savior and in the music He inspires." and they shut up. they weren’t being mean or anything, but they definitely didn’t know what to say after that. maybe they’ll listen to the words. anyway. no more babbly me this morning. i love you and i hope your day is groovy!

is the rest of her album good?

Downloading it now... I’ve never heard of her before, thankyou for putting it up! smile

stumbled on this- um, is it possible that the song you were thinking of was the switchfoot one that has the chorus "im a believer, help me believe"?

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