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Well, my plan for the evening was to have a little pre-thanksgiving celebration with E. I make real mashed potatoes, and planned for open faced turkey sandwiches with cranberry jelly on the side. I figured this would be our last time to just enjoy being us until thanksgiving. Meg’s coming home this weekend, and Lisa will be outta school, so I’ll more than likely have some things to do next week during the evenings. So I wanted this to be special for just us. Candles and sitting and chatting and stuff.

The best laid plans.....

He called at 7, only half way done with a late project he had to have done today. He said another hour, but now its been 1 1/2. I put the potatoes on warm in the oven, but its getting past my bedtime and I’m not sure I should eat after this time. :pout: I know he couldn’t help it, but I feel bad.

And somehow, I screwed up the sink. Its not draining since I ran the garbage disposal with the potato peels in it. Uh oh.


Hi Sweetie!

I just had to tell you about my Potato Peel in the disposal story.

I did it. Just once. I was chewed up one side and down the next by our landlord. I didn’t know that I couldn’t put them in there. All I knew is that you dispose things down there. It was a nightmare, the sink was literally overflowing onto the floor. LOL The landlord screamed his head off at me and I cried so hard. Then my husband ripped the landlord a new attitude and he promptly brought over his snake and fixed it. Never to say a word to me again. LOL

Hey.. who knew? LOL

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