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Mental Health Day, 9

Good morning smile

I’m starting off my mental health day with some surfing. Actually, I started it off with some extra sleep, and breakfast, and paper-reading, but now I’m getting organized smile

I got to spend some extra time in bed blush this morning instead of my mid-night surfing time, and that has me happy smile Its makes the analyzing stress post not seem as important.

I remembered I hadn’t left a note for my dad, so I called to leave a message to Annette, and he actually had come home last night before going to Forest Grove and Eugene today. I gave him the message, and then he wanted to talk about what had happened last week and said that Leonard had called him at home this morning to complain about me from the stuff from this week’s production sheet. I calmly explained the situation, and that I could only do what I can do. He seemed okay with it, and said he could see that it wasn’t my fault. Phew. He was gonna talk to Leonard. So I’ll snoop later on and see how it turned out w/Annette ;)

I’ve been reading forums already this morning, and made it through about half of my morning blogs. I’m working on fixing the scroll issues with my new design (even though I have NO leads on how to do this).

So here’s my tenative list of things for the day smile
doing things for me: bath. I’d like a bath. Reading my new craft books. See if I can figure out a page to make paper.
doing things for others: make a master list of everyone who I need Christmas presents for. Brainstorm this. Cook for E - maybe openfaced turkey (fake) sandwiches with real mashed potatoes and cranberry jelly - a pre-thanksgiving thing smile Work on 2 hosted projects.
doing things for order: clean the kitchen, wash and put away new tupperware, straighten downstairs. Wash some laundry. Look at billpaying.

Its gonna be a bright day. I can’t let it be anything but that smile I hope you see sunshine today, too - inside of you!!! smile

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