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schedules and food

yesterday afternoon, I was quiet. This was mostly because I was working and helping Megan plan her schedule at the same time. I have knack for those things.
The problem is, she’s a nursing student, and this means 2 years at the normal campus, and then 2 years on the Portland campus. So most of her generals have to be taken before she goes to Portland, and then in P, she has intensive nursing classes. So I am afraid that if she doesn’t carefully plan, she won’t finish her generals in time and have to take another year to finish, meaning more money to spend and stuff.

SOoooo, I went through class lists and requirement lists and tried to figure out what prerequisites were gonna be and stuff. She doesn’t have the time or energy to figure it out, so I did. Then I called her and we moved some stuff around so she could have easier quarter while finishing A&P and Chem.

Oh, today’s the 13th smile The 13th is lucky for me smile Let’s see, that’s 15 months... yay smile

Then E came and got me (later than I thought, but it gave me a delightful chance to chat and try to help a lovely girl with something beautifully new smile ) and we went grocery shopping. I make shopping fun - its fun to giggle at the silly cereals and ask E if I can buy everything on the shelves :giggle: We saved 25% last night - $22.22 - off our bill by getting things on sale!!! I was so proud of us smile

So by the time we ate, it was almost bed time. I surfed a teeny bit and tried to help Rina’s friends Kate and Aarti with their sites. And it was to bed for a sleepy girl!!! smile


baaaaaah college scheduling. baaaaah baaaaah baaaaah.

i hope Megan’s turns out better than mine did!! smile

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