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According to an article I just read on AOL’s business page - "a recent survey found that 32 percent of children ages 10 to 19 use cell phones, compared with 25 percent last year. Overall, 42 percent of Americans use cell phones.... (it is) predicted that in 2003, more than half the youngsters and adults in the country each will have cell phones. "

Wow. That’s a pretty big percentage. I guess I’m behind the times - but I’ve been wishing for one for a while. Its just about time to get one, I do believe smile


I luuuuurve my cell phone.

i’ve been thinking about getting one for awhile now. possibly even canceling out my phone here at school, and getting one, because calling from rochester to potsdam (and vice versa) is local calling.

i also hate to drive to massena because it’s a half hour of nothing, and if anything were to happen in my unreliable car... ack!

we’ll see. it’s either the domain or the cell phone... so i’m still deciding.

I’m behind the times too! Heck, I don’t even have a pager. My husband has a cell phone, my dad (who I never thought would get one) now has a cell phone, my mom is in the process of shopping for one, and I... well, I still carry emergency quarters in my car just in case I have to find a payphone to make a call. You know what I’ve noticed? Payphones are disappearing. I might consider getting one of those emergency, 911 only cell phones for travelling with the kids.

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