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Friday Five: 110901

Yay, its Friday! Ya know what that means? Its time for Heather’s Friday Five!!

1. What toothpaste do you use? Crest Tarter Control with Whitening - it has little sparklies in it.
2. What color/brand is your toothbrush?Mine looked like my old love-productions design - white with purple and yellow on it smile
3. Do you use mouthwash? Nope, I probably should smile
4. What gum/breath mints/breath spray do you use?I like anything vanilla mint - life savers, certs, that kinda stuff.
5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? I had plans, but now I don’t. I know the freezer is coming sometime tomorrow, so we need to rearrange the garage. I could go to fall festival at Columbia - my sister is working at it, though, so it might not be so much fun because I wouldn’t have anyone to do stuff with. Although I could have some cotton candy..... ;)
Besides that, I’d like to maybe rent some movies and hang out at home. Spend a bunch of time troubleshooting the issues on my site. Maybe do a bit of cleaning. Listen to church on the radio tomorrow morning. Maybe make breakfast for E one of the mornings - or plan for that this wednesday for dinner smile

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