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shitty day

I really don’t like my day.

I came in and mom was bitchy to me. Didn’t say a word about the stuff yesterday. But got pissy that I didn’t stop what I was doing immediately and move something she wanted moved. Blech.

Now she’s being bitchy about my car, and says its in her way. :sigh: I don’t know if I have a place to move it to, nor do I know HOW I will move it. Fucking witch wanted to use the car off and on, and now that I told her the tags needed to be renewed and she couldn’t drive it. So now that I told her she couldn’t drive it, she’s gonna be spiteful and make me move it.

I wish she wasn’t sitting in here, I feel like she’s spying on me. Every time I do something, she butts in and wants to know what’s going on. Its not something she needs to know about, basically, on every occurence. Super annoying. Makes me feel like I’m uncapable.

I woke up early (at nearly midnight) because this knot in my arm hurt so bad. E rubbed it this morning, and it felt a bit better, but its still sad. And so then I slept downstairs, and woke up and took a shower, only to climb into bed to wake him up and have him say "I don’t have to be into work until 8 today." WHAT? Blah, so then I slept for 30 minutes with wet hair and half of my clothes on before I got back up. How unproductive and interuptive to my sleep. I know, he wanted to lay and cuddle longer today so he didn’t tell me, but I would have rather been sleeping longer beforehand. Oh well.

Megan told me she’s not coming home this weekend this morning. I had plans with her, but she has too much studying. So it makes the idea of fall fest not as enticing, and so I may not have any plans again this weekend. I’m glad she said no, but it still was one more piece of bad to my morning.

So my day isn’t starting out too well. I am working hard on a spreadsheet project, and I’ll feel happy to have some of this stuff sorted out for my dad. And I think I’ll give part of it to Annette to work on because she has nothing to do. Then I can work on general journal entries. Oh joy! Mom’s stupid .44 cent reimbursement for stamps and shit. That’ll work to piss me off :g:


I appreciate your honesty!

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