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mhd8 so far

I took a walk smile A nice walk around and through our whole block. I picked up a whole pile of leaves, and I’m ironing them to make cards out of. They are SO beautiful. It felt nice to get some air, and I felt so at peace - no one else was out, and it was just me and my thoughts. I feel peaceful and alive.

I have apples out downstairs to start cutting up for my apple crisp. Very soon, I’ll go down there and start cutting.

I fixed my MT-remember me cookie script. I had several things not setting correctly, and ended up starting again. Yay for little victories smile

I’m listening to the full musical from last night again. I love a speedy internet connection that allowed me to get this stuff smile And it just finished in perfect time to turn on trading spaces smile happy, happy smile


awww, i miss trading spaces!

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