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blah work

I wish I didn’t have things on my desk to do. I feel like working on my own stuff - finishing configuring MT (new version 1.2 is out, which will import comments, and that’s what I was waiting for smile and I’m working on finishing figuring out why my tables aren’t being fluid like I want them to in my new design. I’m guessing that the work arounds I’m doing now won’t work in older browsers - I am trying to get around with some css positioning, and I know it’ll work in newer browsers, but I’m not so sure about the older ones. So I need to do some final tweaking. I really thought I’d have it up by now, but the two test pages I put up were still acting wonky. Wonky, I like that word. It makes me think of Ashley, because it seems like a word she would use smile

I also have a bunch of other stuff I’d rather be doing. Anybody wanna volunteer to come and type up these POs and sort the bills so I can play? :giggle:


stumbled onto your site and LOVE IT! thanks for the amazing content and design

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