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medical searches

My sister is in intro to Chem this quarter, and I’m trying to help her with some resource finding for a research paper. But it doesn’t help that I don’t understand any of this stuff!!! I know, I should be letting her learn to research, but I am happy to help out - and she was going to search also, so its not just me. smile

I’m searching for nuclear application in cancer treatment, specifically the nuclear chemical lodine-90 or another specific nuclearchemical. Wow, something I never thought about. I don’t know much about radiation treatment or cancer research myself, so I’ve very interested to see what she finds out smile a 10 page paper. Wow.


ugh... intro chem.

i’m taking chem 100 this semester, and i’m asleep more than i’m awake.

i hope she finds some good information... i’m writing a 10 page research paper for another class, and it really does stink!! baah!

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