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100201 buffy

this is my thoughts, and I know some people don’t want to read yet, so I’ll keep them off the main page smile

Buffy. I wasn’t so impressed with the rerun of the hyena episode. It had its moments, but it wasn’t so thrilling. I did like that Jennifer Sky was in it! She’s a fav from GH, and now is on Cleopatra 2525.

The rerun that was on yesterday, Angel, was delightful. I love seeing David Boreanez all young and goggley eyed at Buffy. Their kisses are really nice and firey - For so many years, I’ve heard about the amazing love that Buffy and Angel had, but I haven’t ever seen these "falling-in-love" episodes that would make me want them together smile Okay, but Darla is dead. Hmmm...

We didn’t have time to watch Angel yet.

And now, on to the Season Premeire. Wow. These kids have sure grown up over the summer. From Willows increasing witchpower and care over Tara, Tara’s nurturing spirit towards Dawnie, Anya’s incessent "can we tell them" Xander’s worrying about all of the girls, Dawn’s need to lay with the Buffybot, and Spikes hearthbreak over Buffy being gone... it was all so good. Willow talking to them while they are hunting was way cool - she’s definitely been developing that. Giles leaving made me cry.

Spike’s hair looks good. Xander’s short hair makes me smile, too. Why did they feel the need to lighten Willow and Anya’s hair so much, though? Tara’s looked dirtier, and the other girls were way lighter. Kinda odd. Giles looked good, too. I liked seeing the humanity in his eyes.

Ugh, these demons on motorcycles were ewwie looking. Did Spike ever get to see Buffy at the end? I can’t remember seeing it so he must not have.

Wow, the big tower was still up. How did the town not notice it by that time and take it down?

I wonder how long Buffy will have a hard time seeing and understanding. I wonder if we’ll ever find out what happened while she was dead. I felt so awful for the gang when they realized she had to claw her way out of the coffin.

I wonder what the big challenge of the season will be. The seasons with a big power to fight or some big challenge seem to be the best. Last year with Glory was great. The year with the Principal and Faith was great. I’m watching the year with the Master on reruns. I wonder if they will do that again.

Is there gonna be another slayer? Buffy was definitely dead. I mean, they showed her in the coffin with her body 3 months dead, there’s no mistaking it. SO, I think there has to be.

Why is Amber Benson not on the intro, but just with a text mention on the intro? I think Rina told me something about last year, the number of eps that she was in, but it seems like this year, it would be hard to have eps without any of these core characters. But Joss always surprises me.

Oh, I loved the monster gift to Giles - Grr! Argh!! smile

Basically, I’m just babbling. Happy babbles smile


Yeah! (on all of that) :o) The monster gift just cracked me up! (GP’s got one of those exact finger toys.) I don’t think Spike saw her. It was like he was still looking for Dawn when all that was happening, I think. He just makes my heart ache. Talk about good acting.....his broken heart looks so REAL. One main reason I’ve loved that show so much....I forget I’m watching t.v. Those kids (and Joss’s genius writing) are damn good!

Do you think this whole ritual-gone-wrong thing will make Buffy hate Willow, or make them love each other more?

I thought Willow and Xander were going to have a 'rekindling' moment in the woods. I enjoy Willow and Tara together....but I loved the idea of her and Xander even more.

And the thought of no more cross-over episodes (I long for those firey Angel/Buffy kisses!!!) makes me sad.

Okay, so now I’ve rambled too. Thanks! :o)

Ok. I finally got to watch it last night. I just have to say this ... WOW!!! Absolutely FANTASTIC! It was actually better than I imagined it to be. I’m still somewhat excited and almost speechless at the performance and show overall. Notice I said ... almost. LOL

I don’t think Spike saw Buffy. I agree with Christie - I’m pretty sure he was still looking for Dawn. Isn’t he just the most sexy man on television? I swear I want him. I mean it. Talk about HOT! And I love that one line at the beginning Spike had. When he said to Giles - cuppa tea, cuppatea, almost got shagged, cuppatea. Oh my god. I swear if I wasn’t already married ... oh nevermind. LOL

Willow’s power is amazing. The whole telepathic thing, the black market witchcraft to bring Buffy back, etc. I look forward to all the Willow action to come. I have a feeling we are in for some pretty awesome things from her.

Xander and Anya just cracked me up throughout the whole thing. They are so perfect together, I think.

I cried when Giles left. The whole airport scene just had me in tears. I hope to see more of him this season, even if it’s just an occasional appearance. Surely he’ll have to come back at least once or twice since Buffy is back.

As for another slayer, I’m not sure. I haven’t read anywhere about the possibility of another slayer. Since they had BuffyBot, I was under the impression that the Scooby gang (and of course Angel and friends) were the only ones who knew the real Buffy was dead. Maybe I didn’t get the whole picture. So that is an interesting question. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

Ok. I’m sorry about this long post Kristine. But you know me ... when it comes to Buffy, there is a no holds barred rule. LOL


both of you are very very welcome to post as long as you like when it comes to buffy on my journal. Actually, I welcome long comments on ANYTHING that either of you will post on :giggle: Thank you for your thoughts - I love everything you said smile


There will be no new slayer - the line ended with Buffy. Only new slayer will come through Faith now.

Amber’s still recurring, so she has time and flexibility to work on her movies and such, and still play Tara. I seriously hope that she becomes a regular soon. : ) I loved seeing her so much in the credits! And she was SO AWESOME in the teaser!!

Spike didn’t see Buffy yet - I can’t wait for him to. Next week will be so awesome. Of course, I have over a week to see that, since mom won’t be overnighting me any more episodes.

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