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mental health day 4

Ahhh, good morning/afternoon, my dearies smile

Its another mental health day for me. After last weeks major cleaning spree, I decided to devote most of this day to myself, and not to cleaning. Yay!

I rested on the couch for a while this morning, did some yoga, reflected some, and watched a bit of tv. I slept in this morning, too. I got up early, but then took a 2 hour nap on the couch before waking up E. So nice.

Then I moseied on up stairs, painted for a little while, write a real letter to a friend, with candle lit and the room smelling nicely. I’ve surfed a bit, read a magazine, worked on modifying a graphic set for someone who wants to use it, and just lounged. The sky is pretty and the sun is out.

My plans for the rest of the day... getting things in order I think I’ll shine my sink and straighten the living room. Nothing high stress, just basic stuff today. doing things for myself. I’ve already done some yoga and reading. Annette said to take a bubble bath, and I may do that. Watch Trading Spaces at 4. Sit at my new desk and feel inspired to make new graphics sets. WOrk on some new graphics sets, skinning tutorial, and my new style sheets. doing things for others. I’ve already written a nice letter to a friend and shared a magazine quiz with the si girls. I need to do the angeluotes schedule, and share more at si from Sark, if I get to it. I hope to have a nice chat with Zal later on, and Rina if she’s around.

Not too structured of plans, just enough structure to make me happy smile

Have a beautiful sunshiney day. I sure plan to! smile


girl i am so proud of you...you’ve done something GREAT for yourself and you’re maximizing the potential of the damn thing. just one day a week...and how do you feel? smile

and how’s the yoga going?

sending much much love to you my dear..

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