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happy birthday dad

Today is my dad’s birthday. He says, of course, that he is 29 like every year. (tee hee, he’s been saying that for 20 years now!). We celebrated with him on Saturday when Megan was home, and had a cake and sang. I bought a yummy cake from Larsen’s bakery in town smile Mom got him presents (fancy spatulas and nice glass bowls). Megan got to eat with him in Walla Walla yesterday (two days in a row, lucky girl!) at Jacobis (one of my fav places in WW! Delish spaghetti salad!). I got to spend most of last week off and on with him in the office, and it made the week feel much more productive. How happy smile

So happy birthday, daddy! I love you! smile


tee hee! my daddy says the same thing smile

happy birthday kristine’s daddy! smile

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