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cgiwrap and alie

I need to understand cgi-wrap and how I can help out Alie - I feel bad that her journal has been kinda in limbo today while I can’t seem to get into it to help her. Maybe its just AOL that doesn’t understand cgi-wrap. I know nothing about it, so maybe i’ll be doing some research so I can help Alie get her journal back to normal. I’m sorry, dearie!!!


Hey Kristine, If she is using AOL for a web pages, mostly likey its cuz aol don’t know a thik about cgi, only reason I say that is cuz I used to work for that company.

nope, I use AOL to connect to the internet, and that’s why I thought it might not be working. Thanks, though.

thanks for all of your hard work, sweetie! *HUGS*

Or it could have been the server. Everyonce in a while, if permissions aren’t CHMOD’d right, you’ll get cgi-wrap errors due to the way her host has it setup. It looks like you got it fixed though, so nevah mind! wink

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