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mental health day 5

Is is possible that I really have been doing these mental health days for over a month now? wow. I wish I had seen a bit more help by them, but I suppose I can’t control that work was more stressful than ever for the first 2 weeks I was doing them, the 3rd week was devoted to prep time for E’s family, and so the effects of being off are only starting to show after last week, which went much smoother. I’m still not driving, and haven’t had time to deal with my weight by exercising - those are the two things I feel a bit failureific about; but I’m doing better in other areas, so I pray that soon it will come to envelope my life soon.


So far today, I spent some time on the couch watching news. Not too exciting, and all I really got to see was Bush talk about the 22 most wanted people in relation to terrorist events since 1985. Now I’ve gone through my daily reads, and I’m drinking hot cocoa with Zal 3000 miles away ;)

My plans for the day... getting things in order I want to straighten the kitchen and the bathroom upstairs. Everything else in the house is really pretty good. We’ve kept it pretty neat since E’s family was here. Doing things for myself I would like some reading time: magazines, maybe SARK. A bubble bath might be nice. Definitely some candle time in my room with happy Lilith-like music for much of the day. And design stuff smile Watch Trading Places at 4. Doing things for others Enjoy my desk with my new lamp smile Finish the letters on my desk - put together two packages to mail out. Share some stuff with the SI girls - maybe work on some personality pages for my site - I’ve had a lot of people interested in the tests I’ve been taking and analysizing. Definitely some time to chat with Zal later on, and Rina if she’s around. Maybe expand my buddy list to include some new friends. Hopefully work on: blogplates - forum, updates, new members; erica’s design; finish some designs in process. work on topsecretcssproject ;)

I’m counting on this to be a pretty laid back kind of day. No huge stress, just being me smile Do something happy for yourself today, cuz I said so - even if its just a cup of hot cocoa and a song... do something!!! smile

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