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100901 buffy

My thoughts on the new episode last night...

Goodness. The end just stunned me. I can’t seem to think about the rest of the episode without thinking of the end. No freaking wonder she’s in shock. Willow really should have known better. I see what Joss said about how they were going to make this realistic, it wasn’t just gonna be a *poof* buffy is there kinda thing. Man-o-man.

BUT, I am delighted that the only person she can be around is Spike. She confided in him, told him her deepest secret. Some of that is because the other 4 worked together, I’m sure, but some of it is because of their past. I hope this continues to work throughout the season. I love them, really truly. Not *just* because of the stories I’ve read, although they are at the top of my mind - particularly Saber’s and Laure’s.

(oops, got sidetracked voting in the light and dark awards ;) )

So lets see, other things in the ep to mention - Anya and Xander still didn’t get to announce their news. I’m surprised she wasn’t harping on that! The moments when people were possessed were creepy - way creepy. At first, I really though it was Buffy in Tara and Willow’s room. I really like Tara and Willow. I still don’t think Will is being completely honest about her feelings with Tara, and that worrys me a bit. I’m glad that Buffy made Dawn a lunch at the end; I could tell Dawnie was worried that Buffy wasn’t worried about her earlier on in the ep. When Spike started to tape up Buff’s hands and was talking to her, I felt bad that he left when the rest of the gang came in. Poor Spikey... Giles is coming back, but for how long? I don’t think it’ll be for long.

Thanks to Sammy for the good recap link - ScoopMe! - I’ll be damned - that was a good one.

The older eps I watched - the season finale of season 1 - way powerful. I know so much about these eps from stories, and so its really neato to see them now for real. Xander saved Buffy, so cool... and seeing Angel with her makes me smile. I’m curious how they didn’t know that the hellmouth was under the library. How weird... how many more times do we see the library get destroyed by creatures from the hellmouth? And now that the school is gone, what happens if the hellmouth opens again? What’s on top of this spot now?

And Angel was good, but sad, too. I felt bad for Fred. I hope next week is happier. And I’m curious that Cordy didn’t have a vision at all this week.


It only occurred to me last night (while rewatching the season opener) to wonder where Buffy’s spirit went after she died... she died in self-sacrifice after years of putting everyone first in saving the world, so it made sense that she would have gone to heaven or something like that.

It just breaks my heart to think about how Spike’s reacting to all of this..! He’s my favourite, I’m all about the Spikelove..! I can’t wait for reruns so I can see this one but as long as I know what’s going on in the story I’m okay smile

I’m loving scoopme.com, I’m so glad I found it!

Don’t mind me, I could talk Buffy all day, I think Nathan’s getting sick of my talking about it wink

First season rerun in 50 minutes...! *dashes off*


I avoided coming here all day today just because I knew you probably had thoughts on last night’s episode and I also knew I wouldn’t be able to *not* read them. Seeing how I didn’t get to watch it until just an hour or so ago because I am still relying on someone taping it for me since we *still* don’t have UPN. *ARGH!*

Anyway. Thought I’d put my two cents in since I’ve finally seen it. Hope you don’t mind. *hehehe*

Spike. Oh. My. What is there to say other than ... HUBBA HUBBA! I absolutely adore him more and more with each new episode. And the latest with him and Buffy ... WOW! How much better can it get? This coming from a diehard "Angel and Buffy" fan who thought the idea of Buffy with anyone else other than Angel was absurd and gross. Heh! Throw that out the window now.

I have to say this for the record because I’m cheesy in that way. I was sitting there from the very beginning of the show insisting to my sister "How do they *know* she was in HELL? Who says she was is HELL? Where are they getting that she was in HELL and they *saved* her from HELL?" It was quite hillarious until ...

the END!

Then I was out of my seat screaming ... "I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU! AHA! I TOLD YOU!"

(Can you tell I make quite the spectacle of myself while watching Buffy?) I love it when I’m right. LOL

So , yeah, the whole confiding in Spike thing was even more endearing than the fact he stood outside at the beginning *crying* because he knew that witchcraft had it’s consequences. Have I mentioned ... I love Spike? And I knew she’d say something about not telling the rest of them that she wasn’t in Hell. "They must never know." I wonder how long that will last?

It was nice to see her coming around to being more herself toward the end. But I wonder how long it will take her to return to the old Buffy. Personally, I hope she doesn’t. I love all the twists and turns. I love Joss Whedon. What a brilliant mind this man has.

Xander and Anya weren’t quite as funny as last week. I didn’t see quite as many comic relief lines. That’s fine but I did miss them a bit.

Ok. I’ve rambled enough. I’m like Sammy. I could talk Buffy 24-7 and never get tired of it. So I’m shutting up now.

*Hugs* smile

I had never thought about where Buffy’s soul went... I assumed it was lost in some other dimension, probably the one she closed. So the brilliant ending completely caught me off guard. I went back and watched it again last night and so much of it makes more sense now... Buffy’s depression, Willow reminding us that Angel was "wild like an animal" when he returned from hell, Dawn saying to Buffy "But it will be better now, now that they can see you being happy. That’s all they want." and Buffy not smiling in return, saying later to Spike that she WAS happy. But it was THIS world that was hell. Wow. Joss & crew prove again that they’re geniuses.

How about Spike’s face when he realized it was the real Buffy... so many emotions without saying a word. James is such an amazing actor. He made me a Buffy/Spike fan right there.

Oh and Anya’s possession... the camera below her face... that majorly creeped me out!!

Mm. Great ep, I thought too... and I /knew/ just the way from how Buffy was reacting to everyone saying they saved her from hell that she *had not* been there. Ah, well. Wonder if she’ll ever get beyond that bitterness. I don’t know if anyone could, assuming this was possible in the real world ;)

As far as the hellmouth/library/high school goes - I know that a couple seasons ago they went back to the high school for some reason, it was all torn down but some remained. I am very vague on this because this was before I really watched the series and I don’t remember much about it. I’m sure you can find the episode guide somewhere on the 'net though!!

yes, there have been at least 3 separate eps with scenes inside what remains of SHS. It’s never been torn down.

And I love the old episodes on FX!! Tuesday’s "Prophecy Girl" and Wednesday’s "When She Was Bad" have always been two of my favs.

It’s so nice to see so many other people talking (and enjoying talking) Buffy so much. :o)

Okay. I told Phillip, I think Willow should have her practicing witch card revoked. I LOVE Willow....but she’s really grating on my last nerve. I think she’s got a serious case of power hunger. What about when her and Tara did the spell, and suddenly it was black-eyed all-powerful Willow? Tara was shocked. I think somewhere down the road, someone (maybe Tara...maybe the whole gang) will have to fight Willow. She’ll go over the edge into Evilville or something.

Spike. Laudy laudy! He makes me gooshy smile and make cooey noises. :o) That man is certainly a remarkable wordless actor. Did you catch the Behind the Scenes Buffy special on E! last week? James was talking about his newly furnished crypt. And how in previous seasons, a bed in his crypt meant he was going to have a girlfriend. Hhmmmm.....very interesting! :o)

I had never thought about Buffy being in bliss. That was great!! I’m thinking serious tension (now and then) between her and Willow. Definately!

Thanks Kristine sweetie! I feel better now. *LOL*

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