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MHD5: more

me: My desk in the closet smells so good. I put vanilla potporri stuff in there, and then had candles going most of the day. I love sitting in there. smile I got to enjoy Trading Spaces, and I even liked what they did in the house more than I did the last few smile And I had a delightful chat with Zal, about lovely wonderful things and even fun things. She makes me feel perfectly perfect smile

others: I started on my personality info gathering to put it together. I’ll probably put it on my lovelinks page, because that’s what its supposed to be. I didn’t work on blogplates much, although I did look at ikonboard 3 to see if I wanted to try that for a forum instead of my broken ikonboard 2.1.9. Maybe I’ll see if Zal can fix it for me, she’s smart. Oh, you should go over and see Erica. smile I cooked a whole lot of today, and it turned out good, even the jello experiement. Oh, and I talked to Megan for a few minutes when I got back upstairs from dinner smile

order: I didn’t do much to create order today. Its okay, though.

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