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Okay, I’ve never thought of sesame street characters as evil, but apparently it has crossed some peoples minds. Snopes and poster. how disturbing is that to you?!


As a dedicated Sesame Street fan, this is incredibly disturbing to me. I’ve known about the "Bert Is Evil" site for a long time, and that alone was disturbing—I just thought it to be in poor taste.

But this absolutely takes the cake, with Bert actually showing up on posters hoisted proudly into the air by actual bin Laden supporters in the Middle East. Wow.

I saw photos of those posters all over Reuters/AP/Yahoo news sites yesterday, and was sure that the photos must have been doctored, but I couldn’t figure out how it could have been done.

Thanks for the link, Kristine. This clears things up, although it doesn’t make anything any less disturbing.

Just think of how angered the Sesame Street people are. I would be quite annoyed and angry if I were them.

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