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links list

I’ve read several peoples blogs lately where people have been sad that they have been moved around in other peoples blog reading lists. I don’t know if they were directed at me, but I felt bad nonetheless.

My reading list is pretty much based on how often people update. I go through it at least 4 times a day, and when somebody stops posting for a week, I tend to move them down on my list. Its nothing personal towards some of my favorite people - I still read each of the people on the bottom of my list at least once a day, and the people on the MORE link, I read probably once a week. I just have so many people that I want to keep in touch with that I have to move things around periodically. That’s why my reads lists are external files that I can add to or change at least every few days, because I do.

My words might be totally unnecesary, I realize that its my journal and I shouldn’t feel bad at what people think, but I do. Maybe I should just move my reads list to my hard drive so that people don’t feel bad. :sigh:


Please don’t move your reads! LOL I have this tendency to not bother linking people because you do, and that’s how I keep remembering to read people. Besides, I like seeing who you’re reading, whatever order they’re in!

yea.. me too, i read so many blogs from your list.

and anyone who feels bad about not being on my list should also take that into consideration! smile

You are so sweet. My initial response would be....(to those people)....stop yer damn whining!!


Oh, boo-fucking-hoo. Those are my only thoughts on this. LOL!

Ditto to the above chickie! I do the same and don’t feel bad about it. I move around or even remove if there are hardly any updates or that person has stopped writing what I want to read. They even get added back when I find them interesting again smile

Also! I don’t just read my reads, I tend to use other journal reads as a way of keeping up with others too. So they may have been removed my list, but I get them somewhere else.

I don’t use my journal as a link fest and if they don’t like it, well then don’t read me smile

I agree with the above. Shouldn’t matter where a link is or if it is there at all for that matter. Your site, your choices. If those people have nothing better to do than sit and whine about the position of a link then they have some serious problems. :o)

It’s so nice to see so many compassionate people in this world, being thoughtful of other people’s feelings. I can see we have learned a lot from what happened one month ago.

dear X, not to start a fight here on my dear kristine-y’s blog, but i don’t really see how my "blog reads" list applies AT ALL to my compassion in real life.

[edited out for niceness' sake]

Thank you SO much for your nice post, X. :dripping sarcasm: I agree with Zal, probably even the stuff you edited out.

please excuse me a moment, Kristine

Oh Dearest Brave Intelligent Person who signed their name X....

Could you be one of the whiny asses we all love so much? Please tell me, brave X, what are the similarities between webloggers discussing whiny childish people, and an ungodly unholy act of terrorism orchastrated by truly evil individuals consumed with venomous hatred and unbelievable racism?

Would you care to explain your ever so intelligent observation, brave X??

Sorry Kristine sweetie. Couldn’t be quiet for this one.

seriously, "X", that was lame. if you’re gonna leave snippy comments in people’s blogs, at least have the balls to reveal yourself. put up or shut up.

Oh my gawd! Where’s my hankey?!?! This is like an episode of Days of Our Lives. No, i’m sorry, this is like an episode of Dawson’s Creek. You know why? Because it’s so high school, it’s pathetic.

When did weblogging become a popularity contest? Get the fuck over it! You make yourself look more & more juvenile the more you stick your foot in your idiot mouth.

Oh way to go "X"... way to look like a whiner! (Don’t you just love people who leave anonymous shots like that because they are too chicken to reveal themselves. More often than not, it’s a neon sign saying "I know I am wrong")

I agree with S’s post above me... this is not about popularity. Our sites are about us. We are not obligated to link to anyone if we choose not to. Its nothing personal. People seem to forget that. LOL

I agree with what everyone else has said - keep your links ordered how you want them Kristine. I love how you order yours, it’s the best system of categories I’ve seen!

And please, please don’t remove them, I’ve found lots of new reads through your links! smile

As for me, I’m happy if I get linked at all on other peoples weblogs, I don’t care where. I’ll hash up a quote shall I? Ahem.

"It is better to be linked then dropped, than to never be linked at all."

Oh dear. I’ll go stick my head in a bucket now. ;)

Sheeesh, you bunch of uncompassionate biyotches! Can I come sit on the couch with yaconfused wink

I’d like to say to X (ya big dumbass), maybe YOU haven’t learned anything from the events of September 11th. You know, things like: the little shit doesn’t matter so much? Or maybe you’re using whining about link lists as a way to escape from this world’s harsh realities? In either case, you need to get some perspective in your life.

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