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dinner and game

So since yesterday afternoon, I was only home long enough to sleep. I went straight from here to mom’s house to get Matthew to my house to meet E. Then we went out to Olive Garden - there were tons of people there for the dine for america thing - it was cool to be helping by just eating. They were donating 100% of their profits yesterday smile

From there, we went to Multnomah Bible College, where Megan’s game was, and waited and waited and waited until she got there. They were way late, so the games didn’t start till 8:20 or so, and then we watched them play 2 of the games (out of 3) before it was way past my bedtime and she told me I should go home :giggle: They didn’t win either of the games I watched, but it was way fun to watch them play - they were within a few points of winning the first game, and Megan really does have a great serve smile

So off to home we went, there was an accident on the 205 bridge, so it took us over a half an hour to get home instead of 10 minutes. Straight to bed for me @ 9:45!

So I’m kinda sleepy this morning, but I’m glad I got to go smile Megan doesn’t have to be anywhere until noon, so she might stop and see me at work this morning. I have no Annette today because her kids have the day off, so I’m doing multiple jobs today!

But its Friday. Happy friday, my friends!!! smile

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