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last night

Last night, E made me little quesadellas (Okay, I have no idea how to spell that - casadeas?) for dinner, all I wanted. So I watched Dragonball Z with him smile Its such a silly show!! I don’t mean to know the character names!!!

Up the stairs for us, to watch buffy, and for me to play with layouts for S smile way cool! I finally went to bed and fell fast asleep really quickly. I woke up at 1:30 like usual, but went back to sleep pretty quickly on the futon. ahhh, sleep!

The sunrise was starting out so perfect this morning. A glorious outline of my mountain. I *love* coming this direction to work to bask in the beauty of Mt. Hood every non-cloudy day. its so perfectly shaped!


Very close on the spelling! It’s "quesadilla" - you were only off by a letter.

Woo hoo, I was close!!! smile

Ah, I was gonna come in and tell ya how to spell it, but I’m a couple days late! Ya know, being the resident Texan and all. ;)

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