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blah day

i’m having kind of a blah day. Where I open up things I’m supposed to be working on and they don’t entice me at all. I worked so hard at work this week, that maybe I’m just still hung over from all that work time. I already took a nap, so that idea is out ;)

I finished one thing on my to do list. And I played for a while on one of the 2 sets I’m finishing up. But I don’t have the energy to keep going. I browsed for a while for personality links for the page I’m setting up, but I didn’t really have the energy to put that stuff together. I’ve surfed my favs and read si. I’m listening to E playing PS in one ear and my girlmusic in the other ear.

Maybe I’ll flit around between my projects s'more. Or maybe I’ll play more tetris. That is a good way to keep my brain busy and not stressing about the things I’m not accomplishing. See, I shouldn’t be stressing about it anyhow. Its all non-essential stuff for the most part. But that’s just ingrained in my little istj-brain to worry about it all. Blah!

I hope that Zal’s reformatting is going smoothly! Go over and leave her a little note smile She’d like that a lot smile

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