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This has been a very E-day. E’s played games ALL day long. barely stopped to eat with me, doesn’t want to watch tv with me, cuz he wants to play. I kinda understand because he worked until 10 last night, and is tired. But I’ve been bored today, so I’m just feeling kinda icky about myself. I actually had some places I wanted to go out of the house today, and that’s rare on weekends for me. If I had pushed it, he would have gone, but I didn’t. So maybe I’ll still feel up to it tomorrow smile I’d really like to go to Target and at least exchange my pants. And we need some groceries. Blah, more shopping! Sometimes, we buy enough to last a long time. And other things, we don’t do so well and have to shop again the next weekend. This was one of those kinda weeks.

Last night, my internet connection was super fast, and so I thought I would look for some fun things to download!! I started out browsing the plugins at winamp.com, because I was looking for a program to turn my playlist into a text file for uploading. I already have Do Something, which generates my current song that is playing, but I’d love to be able to share what my current favorites are in a concise (or not so concise) list smile I found MP3 Boss: MP3 Database/MP3 Manager with Winamp support, which lets you output lists, as well as helps you organize your collection! I haven’t played with it a lot, but it looks really nice. Anybody have sugestions for something similar that works well for you?

So then, I started browsing download.com for some new toys to play with. I found Tetrix 2000, which came with Laser Blocks and Mixline. My favorite of the set is Mixline, a bit harder version of Tetris, where you have partially see through blocks that fall along with regular blocks, and you have to put the see through blocks together to make whole blocks to take lines out. Way cool!

So today, I worked on learning more about absolute positioning in CSS. I don’t know nearly as much about it as I’d like to, and I think it will become much more powerful than tables in the near future. I definitely loose some fluidity in my designs with this, though. I need to research a bit more about relative positioning and how to make things more fluid to move more than fixed widths and heights wood. I came up with a really nice looking rounded corner box, though. I even set up a template in PS so that I can change the colors and automatically make rounded corners easily. I may make a set of these for templates, with the rounded corner boxes around entries. I think it would look nice.

Let’s see, I also browsed some personality sites. Would anybody like to sit here and brainstorm with me the best way to present all of the info I have? I’m really intrigued by the Myers Briggs testing (the ISTJ result test), and how the types really closely can tell you what jobs you should have, how your love life is affected by your your type, and your strengths and weaknesses. I’d like to put together a page of links, and maybe even do a listing of webloggers who fit the certain types. Does that sound cool?

I finally went back into my font directory and installed some more fonts. I’ve been so unhappy with having to restart PS every time I found the perfect font for a layout I was working on. So I installed some of my key ones from the last system (i’ve recently reformatted), so I can at least have a few choices to start from smile Some of the, I look at them and immediately invision a layout to go with them. I just have so many ideas smile smile smile

I spent a while rearranging my excite home page. Tee hee, I’m so boring!

E’s still playing his game, so maybe I’ll go work on s'more stuff now. Anybody wanna come and watch a movie with me?? Or loan me a lap top so I could go downstairs and watch an old movie and play at the same time? Nothing new is on!!!

Have a wonderful saturday evening smile


i LOVE absolute positioning. i’ve got some of it going on in my current layout. heh, "going on". love you girl.

i’d love to come watch movies with you.

and *sigh* because i know just the kind of day you are having.

i love you!

Kristine, I’m currently reading this book by this guy based on the personality types and I think it might be just what you’re looking for. It is a fascinating more in depth look at the personality types and their functions.

do you still have the zip file for tetrix? anything downloads that are ftp based go really freeking slow through the network, if they don’t time out all together.

i’ve been trying to download it since five o'clock this morning. baaaaaaah! i want tetris!

oops... never mind me. i got it smile

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