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I’ve spent the last hour or so looking over all of my statements, downloading my transactions into money, and cross checking the check #s with my duplicate checks. Sometimes, its kind of a guessing game because I get to play "what did we actually deposit on that day?!" Between me getting odd number of paychecks at odd times, and E getting reimbursed for job expenses, it was kinda "fun" to figure it all out LOL! But I think I found enough of the check stubs that I’m safe now. The problem came when we reformatted and then it took 2 months for me to find the Money CD to reinstall it. Now, I’m back up, and had to figure out the 2 months worth of transactions. Bad, Kristine! I pay all of the bills, and deal with all of the money, and sometimes I get behind when its not a constant reminder. I’m working on setting up myself a bill paying spot at my desk, with my bulletin board and envelopes to remind me smile I think that’ll help smile

I had several transactions that I have *no* idea where they came from. Who is Connections (MWI?) and where the hell did they get my acct number to charge $84 to it? I’ll have to call on that one, as well as two transactions from AT&T Services, one for $5.24 and another for $13.95. I’m not sure what this would be - it was automatically taken out. Hmmm.... OH, unless its my long distance. That would make sense because I changed it over so I could pay it online. I forgot that they might just take it out automatically. I’ll have to double check that smile See, it helped to write it down, I didn’t think of that until just now!!!

Now I’m checking out E’s cellphone bill so I can see if I can easily change the plan he’s using. He uses way more minutes that we thought he would. Nope, he’ll have to call, but I figured out how to automatically pay for the bill online. Yay! That’s one less piece of paper I’ll have to deal with on my desk. I’d sure rather do that than worry about paying it late or whatever smile Yay!

Okay, I’ve done just about as much as I can do right now. I feel so accomplished now! smile

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