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hungry plans :)

E’s up, but back into his game.....

Things I’d like to do today. Eat. I’m hungry, but there’s no milk here. So no breakfast. Besides, its already 11. I ate leftover microwave popcorn when I got back up at 7 smile So, I’d really like to go out for lunch @Red Robin. And then stop at Target and exchange my pants, and maybe look around. Go to Office Max across the street from there and get some hanging folders and manilla folders for my file cabinent (to work on organizing that on Wednesday). Maybe convince E that we should go into Michaels and get me some paint so I can paint my bulletin board white with some sorts of little decorations on it. Our theater is still playing Bandits, and I’d kinda like to see that.

Then we must do some grocery shopping. I’m looking through AllRecipes and found a wonderful looking baked potato soup (cut down to 3 servings should be perfect) recipe that I’d love to try. Jenni mentioned Cinnamin raisin breadmaker bread, and I bet that would be delicious. I still have a craving for Pistachio salad after Zal mentioned it. I’d love to make some more apple crisp and the apple pie that Carol was talking about, but I should wait until after the apple festival next weekend when I’ll get more apples. I’d really like a night of rice and corn, but E doesn’t like that so much. I’ll do it some evening when I come home early. I haven’t done my real macaroni and cheese FOREVER. I’d like to make that some time soon. So yeah, I have so food ideas smile Probably because I’m hungry now - good time to make a list, right?!

I’m listening to a great mix of my fav Christian music. The song that just came on makes me smile, because its so true - Its by Geoff Moore and the Distance, and here’s the chorus:

It’s good to be alive

Feel the wind in my face

See the blue in the sky

Days like this I realize

What a gift it is...

It’s good to be alive

Isn’t that neato? I love it, and hearing it live is one of my most wonderful experiences. Like I was telling the SI girls the other day, I’ve seen Geoff Moore and the Distance (who have since split up) 3 times in concert. They are so inspiring to me smile

So I have ideas, maybe I’ll go grab the paper and see what else is going on inthe world besides just at my desk. Then, time for a shower and making E get off the couch. Think I can do it? Sure I can smile


I love that song! Schaun introduced me to that cd when we first started dating! "Friend Like You" is sort of our song.

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