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happy trashday!

Not only did I get a lot done yesterday, but I got up a bit early this morning and worked on some of the other things on my list. I upgraded MT, even though I’m not using it yet... but its ready for me to use it, just nearly. Cleaned the counter upstairs, but didn’t get to put the clothes away yet. Updated the blogplates members page with the newest users, and surfed through the members pages to make sure nobody was broken smile Emailed ABCdistributing for my account number (because I put together an order for some Christmas presents!). Put together the trash/recycling. Wow, what a lot for an early morning - I guess yesterdays nap really helped!

Yesterday, I did so much reseach with Zal - it was so exciting. So does anybody wanna take a class on advanced CSS? We will be so knowledgable that we’d be able to teach one soon LOL!!! The way I look at it, all of the time spent on my domain and learning this stuff is all preparation for the future. Other people I know would look at my day yesterday and say I wasted a lot of time playing on the computer. But that’s so untrue. I have to remind myself of that some days. I love what I do in my spare time. I do a lot, and its really worth it to me at the end of a set when I realize I’ve implemented a whole new technique to it that I wouldn’t have known how to do if I hadn’t done the time researching. Every css file I read, every GM template I tweak, every design I use less tables on - all of these things are giving me the basis for being a *real* designer smile

Now, I’m gonna go tweak with the locatis design. Because I can’t stand the awfulness that I currently have up. I made it when I first learned how to drop shadow, if that tells you how old it is ;) Hopefully, I’ll be able to share my new design with you sometime today smile I have other work to do, but it’ll get done sooner or later, I have energy to burn today - bring it on!!! smile


I wanna learn! I wanna learn! Go ahead, start writing up some tutorials for me, I will be your student! I really admire your CSS talents, both yours & Zal’s. I am still a rookie at CSS, but I am learning!

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