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I’m so behind now on my buffy-watching that I don’t dare visit Bite Me!!

I made it through half of Monday’s rerun episode last night. Which means I have Tuesday’s rerun, Tuesday’s real episode, and Wednesday’s rerun, in addition to two episodes of Roswell to catch up on! Boy, that’s just obnoxious! I don’t think we’ll make it through all of those tonight, but I’ll definitely try smile Goodness, how will I do it when we get to two episodes a weeknight on reruns?!


I know, me too!! LOL I missed Buffy last week, I haven’t seen Buffy yet this week, and I don’t want to be spoiled because my Jennie-girl is mailing them to me. So while I totally want to write about Angel, I don’t want to give into temptation and read about Buffys! Argh.

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