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cecelia: a drawing

So many of my good friends are doing the NaNoWriMo, and I’m slightly jealous because I don’t have that talent to write a Novel. But I sat in my craft closet this morning and saw a sketch pad in the closet and felt inspired to draw smile So you are welcome to check out my somewhat bad drawing smile The text is hard to read in the image, so its in the [more] link for you. When I draw, I tend to think of what the persons story was. That’s what happened smile


Cecelia Rose Marie:

A Queen in her own right;

Lived in the era of Queen Victoria and made friends with a lucious vampire named Randolph.

He loved her so dearly and could never hurt her...

...except for the night of Halloween, when he found himself changed by the blue moon.

Happy Halloween!


awww. you shouldn’t be jealous because you are so talented in so many other areas my love.

your picture is so darling - and that is definitely a talent i am jealous of!

i love you! smile

That’s a lovely picture - you have a talent, definitely! And Zal’s right (well, of course) that you’re so talented in other areas. I’m good-jealous (as in not bad-jealous, teehee) of your designing skills and your ability to make people smile and feel good about themselves smile

Please share more pictures if you keep drawing...? I’d love to see them! smile


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