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mental health day 8

happy halloween and happy mental health day to me ;)

I have so many things I want to do today that I haven’t even had time to outline them here yet. So far, I’ve rested on the couch, started to curl my hair for whatever I’m gonna be for halloween (either a fallen angel with a black halo and black clothes OR maybe just a girl with lotsa makeup and glitter and curly hair!!) I have fun doing this every once in a while smile I drew a picture (see above), installed my scanner software again, and played with my new layout a bit. I sat in my craft closet and made a spider for the downstairs window, and then put up cobwebs down there - I still need to hang the spider and make a bat smile I started potatoes for the potato soup - E loved it so much last week that I’m making it again smile I got out the stuff for the cake I’m gonna make - I’ll bring it to work tomorrow because not only is Annette gonna be late and will need a late breakfast, dad loved it too and should be in. smile

I really want to do some things for my webpage - finalize my design and see if any of the graphics can be further optimized, finalize the menus as well. Work on several sets that just need to be finished coding and zipped and uploaded. Post on the Pixelitas board because they welcomed me back. Get MT working for my journal. Work on my styles project. But its looking fairly impossible to get all of that done and everything else I’m doing. I’m not even sure if I’ll have time to get online and chat today. Hopefully for a little while at least. But I feel hurried already, and I need to rest a bit today. So far, this week has been hellish, and I’m still coming down from an AWFUL migraine last night. And when I start to stress, I can feel it almost coming back. So I’m slowing my typing down, and stopping the foot bouncing and breathing.... Ahhhh.....

So I need to make soup, make cake, finish up my window decorations, and find something to wear for tonight to hand out candy in. Those are the first priorities. Then I’ll sit back down here and see what time I have left smile

Doing things for myself: curl hair, and relax! Watch Trading Spaces @4 and talk to Zalary while I do that. Above listed web projects

Doing things for others: cook - cake, soup; set up candy bowl and candles; work on sets and hosted projects that I’m slacking on;

Doing things for order: clean kitchen, put in a load of laundry, take dishes out of dishwasher, go through bills on my desk

And lots of breathing smile Be calm, so that I can make it through the rest of the week without a stress attack!

Have a wonderful day, my friends smile

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