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packages for me?!

melanie rocks smile I feel special, I get a package smile yay for mail! I don’t think I mentioned that I did receive my project lovely from leesa, and I still have blue perspective coming from Jenn smile I must send a happy note to Mel so I can get Scarlet, too smile

I have some new domains to check out because of project lovely smile crystal recheckout erin erma cydele liana freyja 2 elizabeth. Cuz see, I already love sara and ashley and melanie-baby 2 and rina-bean and alie and bethie and jenn and danica and lovelyleesa!!!!! And that’s the people in project lovely whose links I want to visit smile Some new, some well-loved like an old book smile


awww thanks!!! I haven’t fully gone through Project Lovely yet, but as soon as I do you’ll get a guestbook entry from me!

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