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stats analysis

Since I moved servers, I no longer have the nice format of stats analysis. I have analog and webalizer, but I’m not so happy with either of them. I really liked the format I was able to see my referrals - with counts of where I was getting more hits from and stuff. So I’m curious if there is an external way I can analyze the data. I can download the .gz log file, but it doesn’t tell me what period that is for, and I haven’t gotten further than that point. I started looking through a list and found Dailystats 2.0 - Web server log analysis and statistics script. I don’t have time to look at it right now, but hopefully can come back to this thought later on. E said he’d help me look, too, but we haven’t had time to figure out what I’m looking for.

Does anybody have any ideas? I’m using sitemeter for basic analysis, but don’t have access to data past the last 100 referrals. I could upgrade for 6.95 a month and learn more data from them, but I thought that there might be some better alternatives smile


Extreme Tracking! They keep all of the referrals, no limit on how long or how many. They’re the boooombdiggity. smile

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