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friend meeting?

I’m a bit nervous. I have a friend who is in town, and she wants to meet up tonight and go to dinner. We were great friends in college, but we have drifted apart a bit. So its a bit nervous to be going out with her, 'specially when we don’t have a good set time yet or a place we plan to eat. I’m the planning-girl - I tend to want to know when/what/how and she’s somewhat like that, but since she’s visiting, it makes it harder for her to plan. So we probably won’t meet up until we can go out for a late dinner. Cross your fingers that I don’t spazz out! I’m pretty spacey today!


I know that nervousness - I have a friend staying with me at the moment... we were great friends in high school, then she moved, and we hadn’t really talked for a while, and now she’s here for my wedding - it feels kind of awkward, especially since she travelled thousands of miles to be here. I’m getting along fine though, and I’m sure you’ll be fine too smile *crosses fingers anyway*

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