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We finally got ourselves a can opener! We had two regular canopeners, but we had decided that we should have an electric one mounted on the bottom of the cabinets because it would be super handy. And we still had some money on a gift card at bb&b, and had a coupon, so it was an ideal time to get it smile

Besides, we had to get some stackies anyhow for me smile And we got an onion smell remover for hands - for E’s mom to go with the Walla Walla Sweet Onions we bought in WW. smile I also found some wallpaper border which matched my bedspread in the 50% off bin!!! I can’t put it up in this house, but I’m thinking about cutting some shapes out of it and hanging it in frames smile

Then we went to Freddy’s, where we found shelves (48" x 12", 48" x 8", 24" x 12") to attach to the stackies. Found a rolling file cabinet on sales. Got groceries. A whole pile of stuff!!! smile So by the time we got home, my ankles were like jelly. They didn’t want to stand anymore! They feel a bit better today, but still weak. I’ll try eating some sugar to help them ;) Annette brought me starburst, and I og some jelly bellys. Oh dear! I’m bad!

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