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day end annoyance

I’m annoyed. I’ve tried so hard to not be. My mom has this effect on me, where she can say (or not say) the perfect thing that makes my teeth grind. I can’t explain it, she just says and does things that are guarenteed to annoy me. Things like ask me to double check some time cards. Fine, I was gonna do it when I was done entering some bills. She comes back a 1/2 hour later, I was still working, and she quietly says . . . "have you done those yet?" I say no.. and she gets kinda annoyed, and says "well, okay, I guess if you didn’t have time...." or "could you do that now? I wanted to work on those now" She’s just really odd about how she asks, when I type it out, it doesn’t seem different than normal requests. If you could see her face and annoyance, you’d see. Then she conveniently forgets to tell me she needs something until the very last second. She misplaces things from MY desk. She waits to remind me about things we are doing until 5 minutes before we leave (there’s a stupid trade show tomorrow and dad wants Leonard and mom and me to go, and I have absolutely no desire to go with them. Not one little iota. My ankle is way sore still. I thought it was thursday, so I wasn’t worried, and she wanted to know where our confirmations were 5 minutes before work was over - which I had never gotten, so I had to call, and find out, and I really don’t want to be gone the majority of tomorrow morning, moreless with her). Its just enough to keep me on edge all day because I never know what she’ll ask or demand or be mad at any given moment.

The major thing that irks me is that I was happy all day. I tried SO hard to be happy and have a good day. I had a bit of a headache this afternoon, but besides that, I was totally doing good. And she did something that appeared to be deliberately annoying. :sigh: She drove me home tonight, and continued to say things that just rubbed me the wrong way, so by the time I got home (15 minutes ago), my headache had grown, and I’m really annoyed. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how I can unannoy myself. It hasn’t worked yet.

Okay. breathe. drink water. read blogs. open the window and get some fresh air. put on some music. breathe. annoyance go byebye....


I hope you have a better day tomorrow sad

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