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mental health day 2

Okay, I am armed with a to do list, already had a nice morning nap, and listening to a beautiful CD from Alie smile I’m dressed in my cute AE underware/tank set which is way soft, and my favorite big flannel pants of E’s. Its the start of a wonderful wednesday, where I can once again do some things to help myself. That does not include negative thoughts. happy thoughts, happy thoughts!

my plans. I want to get some things in order. Work on my new desk, sorting the closet, and vacuuming. I want to give some time to myself. Time in prayer, yoga, and reading - like last week - with some possibilities including hair dye and painting my toenails again. I want to watch Trading Places at 4, also. I want to give some time to others. Sharing some reflective thoughts at si and maybe here, maybe finish some linkware, make this weeks angelquotes schedule, chat with Zal, and Rina, if she’s around; write Megan, who should be back to school today or tomorrow; and reply to some sweet emails.

I am easily excited by this list. Making a list gives me direction for a day alone, so that it doesn’t just mean a day to sit in front of the computer or the tv and do nothing that is meaningful!! Which would be easy to do! No, I want to make each of my days off be full of life and full of good things to make me able to handle work the rest of the week.

So that’s the plan smile