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MHD2: day so far

My day is going well smile

Time for Me

read SARK and laid on the couch luxuriously.

spent time on the computer surfing

ate a healthy lunch

Time for Order

I have 75% of my desk built - this included drilling and measuring and screwing and its all new to me alone - much proudness here!

Time for Others

Worked on TheKitchen, which has 3 new members, and had 2 old members. Contemplating switching to GM, but not sure. Contemplating new layout so its easier to add members.

Typed a great reflective post on my SARK reading at SI smile

More to come of a delightful day so far smile


I am terribly envious of your SARK time. I need a day off, some comfy new pjs, a pot of tea, a cozy blanket, and some SARK. Right now. smile

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