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end of my MHD2

To finish off the Wednesday-series, here’s how the end of my day went smile

Something I didn’t mention yesterday was that in my endeavor to put my desk together, I had to take about an hour to get the labels off!! They were so firmly attached that I ended up using a tooth brush and Quick N Brite for about an hour scrubbing it off!! LOL! smile

Time for Me

Lotioned my hands and feet because they were getting rough

Downloaded Buffy pictures smile

Watched Trading Spaces

Ate a healthy dinner

Time for Order

Finished my desk. I’m so proud!!

Completely shined both upstairs sinks and counters with Soft Scrub until they were perfect.

Cleaned the bathtub and bathroom floor

Took care of dishes and loaded dishwasher again

Cleaned counters in kitchen

Put all clothes away ('cept for the undie pile on the other dresser, oops!)

Time for Others

Setup TheKitchen for new members and made it easier to add people

Angelquotes schedule (finished this in the morning)

Beautiful chats with both Zal and Rina

Cooked for E - butternut squash, cornbread muffins, and rice smile

Replied to some emails.

I still have more that I didn’t do. I found that all of the cleaning really gave me a good workout. I’m sore this morning! I know that most of my MHD3 next week will be dedicated to cleaning and sorting in prep for my in-laws visit next weekend. My day was full, very full, but I’m glad that I was able to do it and get lots done. Yay!

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