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what about mom?

ya know the story in What About Bob? How Bob just annoys the shit out of Dr. Leo Marvin? He does little things, that no one else gets annoyed by, but it makes Dr. Marvin go insano.

That’s how I feel about my mom sometimes. Nobody understands that these little things just drive me nutso. After doing payroll myself for 3 years CORRECTLY, its so hard to even look at the book and see her mistakes and erases and putting things in the wrong columns and shit like that. Its not really stuff that is effecting the payroll, but it makes it infinately harder to calculate anything after her. Having her freak out about a bill "What happened to the UPS bill for $109.85?" when I’m completely engrossed in another project. "Its not up here, Mom." "It needs to be paid." Stop what I’m doing, look it up on the computer. Its paid. Look in the file pile. I even have the check stub attached to the bill. "Mom, you must have it, its already been paid." "Oh, I can’t find it, you might have to redo it." :ARGH: Stuff like paying a bill over the phone without even having a hard copy of what she’s paying. How the f*ck am I gonna record that now? I’ll have to hold onto it until we get the bill and then remember to record it. She’s also trying to be my grandma, who she didn’t get along with, but when she died, my mom took all of her clothes and insists on wearing them. They are not attractive, and she looks like an old lady. Reminding me that I must do a check for our sales rep Marge immediately when we just now got paid for the account I was told to wait for payment on before paying her. I have other things I’m working on right now, I can’t just stop immediately and do it. :sigh: Why am I so petty? It pisses me off. I watched her drop a pile of my dad’s stuff from his desk on the floor, and I watch her put a phone book onto his chair to sit on everytime she sits there, and doesn’t bother to move it even when he’s gonna be back working - how rude! Why doesn’t she get her own f*cking desk that’s not in the same room as me? There’s one right out there, and she can gladly use it. :sigh: So yeah, I’m having a What about Mom? moment and I shared... blah!!!


Heh, that movie drives me crazy. Sorry you’re relating it to your mom sad

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