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the letters f and g

ya know what happens when you are super pissed at your incompetent payroll manager (i.e. not me anymore, its my mom) and then you select alphabetically out of your playlist? I end up with f and g, with includes Garbage, Fuel and Filter. Woo hooo, perfect music to play loud with the bass up while I wait for E to come and get me smile Yay! (I just had to come back and say I added the Stabbing Westward songs, too, because they fit so well.)

I love #1 Crush. It always reminds me of Romeo + Juliet, which I haven’t watched forever and need to do so again. I love that movie, however much I cry every time. I’d like to watch that back to back with Shakespeare in love, actually. Hear the words come out of Leo and Claire’s mouths, and then watch it being writen by Joseph and Gwyneth. Or the other way 'round.

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