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saturday morn

another odd kind of night. Went to sleep at 8:30ish, woke up at 3 with weird headache. Surfed for a while, and then went downstairs, and curled up on the couch to see if I could sleep. Slept for almost 3 hours. Woke up and wached the planes taking off from PDX (Portland International Airport). Came back upstairs and surfed s'more - added a to do list to my sidebar, signed up for Candi’s new smartass boards smile

Next weekend, my in-laws will be here. So there is much to do in preparation. My house is really fairly clean. This room is the giant exception because I’ve been working on my craft room (ie, the closet!) and so half of the boxes are in the closet, and half of them are all over the room. So quite a bit of work needs to be done in here. I seriously doubt that I’ll get shelves up in there before next weekend. So I’ll just be as neat as I can smile I still don’t have many pictures up in my house, and that worries me that they’ll see bare walls again after being here in March and seeing them then. We haven’t made so many changes since that time, actually. E was out of work for much of those months, and so I didn’t start purchasing pictures frames. I need a whole bunch of frames, though. I wonder if I could make some for cheaper than buying them. I kinda doubt it. I just need a way good sale. Then I’d start putting pictures up on the stairway. I need one large picture for over the fireplace, and I don’t have anything there yet, either. We want something perfect! smile

So yes, this weekend’s focus is preparation for next weekend. Exciting stuff, right?! smile Maybe we’ll go to the mall, too ;)

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