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mental health day 3

I’m getting a bit of a late start this morning. I rested on the couch for a while this morning instead of starting on things that were truly important. But that was important too smile

I got to talk to my dad this morning. He called just to say hi and tell me he was getting potatoes if I wanted to make that part of one of my dinners smile yay! He said that he misses talking to me when we don’t talk every day. So he called me at home to just gab about nothing-work related. That nearly makes me cry because I know he cares about me. He has a hard time expressing that sometimes, but I know that he really does want me to get back to normal and do my best.

I updated my to do list (on the sidebar), and I’ve got a great mix tape from the wonderfully terrific Mel that I’m listening to, so I’m set to start on a busy day smile I’m hoping that even though the sky is crying, inside the house will turn into a happy place.

Much of my plans today focus around getting things in order. Cleaning, straightening, planning menus for this weekend. Scrubbing floors and doors, washing windows and mirrors, moving boxes and trash to the garage. But in addition to that, I plan on doing some things for myself. Time in prayer, yoga, and reading. Painting my toenails. Watch Trading Places at 4. And then I must do some things for others. Sharing of SARK or another reading at si, finishing the angelquotes schedule and mailing it out, chat with Zal, write a long letter to Megan, and update my blogplates users page with the newest peoples downloads.

It makes me happy to write a list, even if its loosly based on the last weeks. Just seeing it in front of me gives me some specifics to work on, even if its not an absolute guide for things I have to do.

Good morning!!!!!!!!

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