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last night

I meant to get working on cleaning last night, but it was an odd night. Matthew came home with me, left about an hour later, came back a few hours later, and then left again. I was the middle point for dropping off and picking up for various people. So I ended up laying on the couch and watching TV with E (and Matt off and on) for most of the evening. We watched Angel from Monday night, Buffy (The Harvest) rerun, That 70s Show and Undeclared, and the beginning of Fraisier (yes, I was asleep during part of this on the couch :gigglesmile. So, not much else got done because I was either waiting for a kid or had a kid here!

But its fun to have Matthew here. He’s a cool little brother smile

I dreamt that E and I moved into the dorm at WWC, and that they’d made 1st floor Conard into a married hall. We had an ajoining suite with John Paul and Libby, who I went to high school with. And Kimberly was there, and a few other CAA classmates, and they were nice to me. Which is suprising! I ended up walking across campus in a towel because I exited the shower the wrong way. :giggle: Silly dream smile

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