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dreams and mornings

I don’t know what all I dreamed about, but for some of it, I was hanging out with Trish, and we were having bunches of fun!!! smile

I’m still way sore this morning. My ankles are sad, but I keep bouncing my legs, and that’s making it worse. I need to tie my legs down! I’m so happy that I got so much done yesterday, though. I don’t know how I would have done it in just the evenings because there were things like handprints on the doors that needed washing, and the microwave that was gunky, and those things just take a certain amount of time! I still am working on my grocery list so we can go shopping tonight. And then I have upstairs stuff to work on tonight and tomorrow night, and we’ll be just about done smile

I am pushing myself to hard right now. I can tell. I get annoyed with myself that I didn’t have time to make a batch of cookies or paint or anything fun yesterday. I just have to slow down and do as much as I can, and not regret things I don’t have time for. baby steps, kristine, baby steps.

I’m gonna drink this water and that’ll help wake me up smile And listen to a great blend of my favorites. I love doing that smile


LMAO, glad it was a fun dream with me in it smile

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