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real simple: 9-2001

I was deeply inspired by Shoebox, and so when I read Real Simple on the couch over the last few days, I marked a few pages with info that I really enjoyed. I shared these with the SI girls yesterday, but I thought I’d put them here for myself to go through later on.

Real Simple: life/home/body/soul

September 2001

Simple Solutions: Survival skills for the modern women

Take shortcuts to life

Instead of buying a thirsty fern, pick up a bunch of lucky bamboo - its hip, beautiful, needs very little attention, sivives in low light, and never wilts. Picture shown with large maybe 8"oval straight vase with 14"ish stalks of bamboo, with white beach rocks in the base of the vase.

Crash cleaning the house

Concentrate on surface clutter, pillows straightened on the couch, and candles. Use low lighting in your bathroom and rooms with candles, and no one will see the dust.

How to wear red lipstick

Red lipstick is impowering, timeless, chic. Warm skintones should wear red with brown/orange undertones. Cool skintonesshould pick pink and mauve undertones.

How to stay one step ahead

Its a good time to get a PDA (Personal digital assistant) because the technology has improved, and there’s great competition to keep the price down.


Is the paperwork behind paying the monthly bills getting you down? See if you the companies you are paying do automatic deductions out of your account, or if your bank has a electronic payment program - this will save you the time and hastle of finding a stamp and rustling through a huge pile of bills

5 easy steps

  1. sort as soon as you get them

  2. balance your checkbook before you start paying bills

  3. pay up - record auto payments; for check payments, write the date they should be mailed on the outside of the envelope

  4. file - either in a file drawer or an expandable file, which you can start new with each year;

  5. treat yourself to something when you are done, not necessarily something expensive.

What do you build your uniform (or basic outfit) around? Is it always a skirt and something or is there a color that you wear daily?

Color Schemes

When you change your haircolor, its probably time to reevaluate how your makeup looks on you. Figure out which feature (lips, eyes, cheeks) that should be accentuated better now that your hair is accentuated. Try some hair changes at home - like L'Or�al Open hair color in Lunar for blonds who want to lighten; Revlon High Dimension hair color in Night Owl for covering gray; Origins Tealights Color-Boosting Shampoo with Cherry bark tea for Auburn Hair for boosting auburn hair with a temp wash-in shampoo.

Rustic Apple Tart

1/2 15-ounce package refrigerated piecrust (1 crust, not the pie-plate version)

2 10-ounce packages frozen cinnamon apples, partially thawed

1 teaspoon grated lemon peel

1 egg, lightly beaten

2 tablesppons sugar

Heat oven to 375degrees F. LIghtly coat a baking sheet with vegetable cooking spray. Unfold the piecrust and place on sheet. Place the cinnamon apples in the center of the curst and mix in the lemon peel. Fold the edges over the filling, making pleats as you go. Brush the edges with the egg,; sprinkle with the sugar. Bake 20 minutes or until the crust is golden. With a sspatula, transfer from baking sheet to a platter. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Hands on time: 5 minutes

Total time: 25 minutes

Makes 6 servings

The 7 habits of highly successful snackers.

  1. fix your own food rather than buying prepackaged snacks.

  2. eat a balanced snack - like fruit and protein

  3. snack to maintain weight - so you don’t go to dinner famished

  4. keep stress and hunger in check - studies have shown tht when you are stressed, you tend to eat more snack foods

  5. once a month, allow yourself more - your body burns more calories while you are ovulating

  6. crave calcium and shun sodium

  7. drink lots of water - especially when you lack energy because fatigue is a sign of dehydration.