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I’m trying to write my grocery list for the food I’ll buy tonight for the weekend. I started on it during break, and I haven’t finished it yet. I still haven’t quite decided what all I’m gonna make, so I’m gonna organize here...


Start breadbaker on time bake in the morning

E will pick up family

Kristine will cook cookies, cake, and jello salad



Kristine will make french toast with fresh bread, striples, and maybe hashbrowns? OJ to drink

Family decides where to go during this day; go out to eat while we are out

Back at home, play games together possibly, or watch a movie


Lorna will make english muffin things; Kristine will make fruit salad of some sort, and popcorn



Simple - cereal, toast, juice, leftover fruit salad, cookies

Everyone should entertain themselves this morning - take a walk, read, watch TV. Make E take care of the group; my family will arrive, too.

Kristine cooks green bean cassorole, and put potatoes in the oven

When its closer, prepare toppings and garlic bread

Late Lunch

Baked Potatoes

Lime Jello Salad

Green Bean Cassorole

Garlic Bread

Cake for desert, with vanilla ice cream

After lunch, just relax, until E takes family back to the airport.

The End


Sounds like you have everything in order. Sounds like you have everything planned and your choses of foods sound good too, have a great time.

Wow. What a weekend. Having the family over... hope it goes better than it would if my family were to come to my house.

Good luck! smile

Huh. See. Talking about family visitations was so traumatic for me that I forgot to leave my link...

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